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2009-07-04 RCC First XI vs. May & Baker CC 1st XI

Game Details

Saturday 4th July 2009
League game, Home

RCC First XI

108 all out in 0.0 overs

Adrian Moon: 19

May & Baker CC 1st XI

111 for 6 in 23.2 overs

James Fuller: 3-27

First XI Lost by 4 Wickets


Alex Sullivan 16000Caught 
Paul Margiotta 24000Bowled 
Jas Hothi 317000Caught 
James Fuller 417000Bowled 
Joe Sarro 513000Bowled 
Adrian Moon 619000Bowled 
Daniel Skipper 70000Caught 
Paul Collis 82000Caught 
Keith Blake 90100Bowled0.00
Ian Havard 100000LBW 
Biren Patel 110*000Not Out 


James Fuller 9.023273.00
Ian Havard 9.011515.67
Keith Blake 3.002155.00
Biren Patel 2.200166.86


James Fuller reached 25 wickets this season.

Adrian Moon reached 100 runs this season.

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