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2006-08-19 RCC First XI vs. Tennyson CC 2nd XI

Game Details

Saturday 19th August 2006
League game, Away

RCC First XI

230 for 4 in 44.0 overs

Alex Sullivan: 99

Tennyson CC 2nd XI

161 all out in 43.5 overs

James Fuller: 2-13

First XI Won by 69 Runs


Alex Sullivan 1990132Caught 
Adrian Moon 212010Bowled 
Paul Collis 363060Caught 
Sid Patel 417*000Not Out 
James Fuller 55010Stumped 
Peter Reynolds 62*000Not Out 


James Fuller 9.022131.44
Ian Havard 9.032182.00
Joe Sarro 7.502354.47
Daud Arghandawi 6.121243.89
Alex Sullivan 6.001325.33
Shah Arghandawi 5.501356.00


Paul Collis reached 10 fielding dismissals this season.

Paul Collis reached 500 runs for Rainham.

Joe Sarro reached 10 fielding dismissals this season.

Daud Arghandawi reached 10 games for Rainham.

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