December 2018

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Rainham Cricket Club – Coop Community Fund

Posted 4 December 2018 20:49 by peter.j.reynolds

Rainham CC have been successful in applying for funding from the Co-op Community Fund and the way it works is as follows:

Go to the Co-op website to apply for Co-op membership, which will cost £1.

Then selcet a cause you wish for 1% of everything you spend with the Co-op whether it be at a supermarket, insurance, legal services, elctrical or any other service they provide. The Rainham CC cause is via the following weblink

It will take a week before your membership card arrives. Once it arrives present it after you have spent with the Co-op and then 1% of what you spend will go towards the cricket club and our effort to extend the existing outdoor nets.

Our local supermarket Co-ops are in Elm Park, Hornchurch and Upminster and probably places near where you work.

There are also benefits of being a Co-op member such 5% going back into your membership account and potential share in Co-op’s profits.

Please spread the word as we have up until October 2019 to raise funds.


Newsletter: December 2018

Posted 1 December 2018 09:00 by Jono

Please see attached the fantastic monthly newsletter, courtesy of Tom Herbert!